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Asia Associates is focused on providing a wide range of financial services, which include but are not limited to the following:

Personalized Wealth

Providing advice across all asset classes, Asia Associates advisers make sure you meet your financial objectives within the predefined time horizon.

At Asia Associates we believe in advice not product sales. Key to our investment plan is ensuring fee efficient and transparent solutions to meet your preferences. Our research work is targeted on assessing various asset markets for probably the most efficient investment possibilities that meet client needs.

Our advisers have the expertise, experience as well as the organizations’ high quality research capability to provide investment opportunities that fall within the set parameters agreed upon during the interview stage.

Corporate Advisory

Asia Associates’ Corporate Advisory team has the required knowledge and skill set to advise corporations on capital raising, debt issuance, and M&A transactions in both restricted and public markets.

Our Corporate Advisory team adheres to the Asia Associates philosophy of transparent, client first advice. We pride ourselves on the grade of our structuring and implementation and our long term strategies designed for our clients.

These corporate services include:

• Initial public offerings
• Secondary market raisings, such as positions and entitlement provides
• Senior and debt that is subordinated and supply
• Hybrid safety structuring and distribution
• Corporate broking services, including buy backs and accumulations
• General corporate advice

Institutional Equities

Asia Associates Institutional offering aims to supply a combination of quality research, devoted sales, and traditional broking as well as execution services.

Our people are experienced and well qualified to produce insightful suggestions about equity markets, and we've a devoted group dedicated to ensuring efficient and timely execution.

Our goal would be to provide first class investment advice and value-added research for our institutional clients. What differentiates Asia Associates from our competitors is our ability to foster long term and most importantly highly profitable relationships with our clients. We believe we are very well positioned to do this given our:

• ALIGNED INTERESTS – Our objective is to align our interests strongly with those of our clients.
• CLIENT ONLY FOCUS - We do not run principal positions and are therefore 100% client-focused.

Managed Accounts

Asia Associates Managed Accounts includes a comprehensive investment administration platform that delivers consolidated portfolio reporting and allows investors to tailor their portfolio.
The benefits of Asia Associates Managed Accounts include:

• The investor maintains full ownership of their investments.
• Full transparency of underlying investments.
• Ease of administration.
• Effective tax management.
• Customization of specific portfolios.
• Full audited portfolio reporting.